Rare Movies,TV Movies & TV Shows on DVD


Rare Movies,TV Movies & TV Shows on DVD 

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4 Elizabeth Montgomery & Bewitched Specials: 
The ET Bewitched The Untold Story 1999 
A & E Liz Biography A touch Of Magic 1999 
E! True Hollywood Story Special 1999 
Headliners & Legends MSNBC Special on Liz Aug.1 / 2001 

How The West Was Won Mini-Series: 
The Macahans - 3 hours - 1976 
How the West Was Won - 6 hours - 1977 
How the West Was Won - 20 hours - 1978 
How the West Was Won - 11 2-hour episodes - 1979 

All 68 animated Superman and 34 Superboy 7 minute episodes from the New Adventures of Superman 1966-1969 Filmation series. 

The Dick Cavett Show: One on One with Groucho Marx 1969 
Oprah: The Mary Tyler Moore Show Cast Reunion May,2008 
TCM Private Screenings interview with Angela Lansbury 2006 
Mary Tyler Moore Cast Reunion on Larry King Oct.3,2002,CNN 
Kelsey Grammer on Piers Morgan Tonight Dec,27,2011 CNN 
CBS New special April.26,1989 when Lucille Ball passed away. 
1939 Hollywood's Greatest Year TCM Special 69 min. 
The Battle of Gettysburg 1956 30 min. Dick Tracy Special 2009 30 min. Warren Beatty with Leonard Maltin 
The Ed Sullivan Show: Comedians from the 1960's 70 min. 
Chuck Jones: Memories of childhood 2008 26 min. 
Destination Hitchcock: The making of North by Northwest narrated by Eva Marie Saint 2000 42 min.

TCM Night at the Movies: 
The Gigantic World of Epics 2009 58 min. 
The Suspenseful World of Thrillers 2009 60 min. 
Merry Christmas 2011 60 min. 
A Night at the Movies:Hollywood goes to Washington 2012 60 min. 
Hollywood My Home Town 1965 60 min. 
Tales from the Warner Brothers lot 60 min. 2013 
Pioneers of Television miniseries 60 min. 

Hollywood: The Dream Factory An MGM Documentary 1972 54 min. 
MGM Studio Tour 1925 33 min. 
MGM Parade #14 1955 25 min. 
MGM Parade #15 1955 25 min. Christmas episode. 
MGM Parade #16 1955 25 min. 

Bing Crosby Rediscovered 2014 90 min. 
Charlton Heston: A Man for all seasons 1995 60 min. 
Fred MacMurray: The Guy next door 1996 60 min. 
Jack Lemmon: America's Everyman 1996 60 min. 
Roger Moore: A Matter of Class 1995 60 min. 
Joan Crawford: Always the Star 1996 60 Min. 
Extraordinary Women: Grace Kelly 2010 60 min. 
American Masters: Carol Burnett A Woman of Character 2 hours 
The Spencer Tracy Legacy 1986 hosted by Kate Hepburn 90 min. 
Garbo narrated by Julie Christie 2005 86 min. 
The Divine Garbo narrated by Glenn Close 1990 46 min. 
Bacall on Bogart 1988 84 min. 
Bogart: the untold story 1996 as told by Steven Bogart 46 min. 
Fonda on Fonda Henry Fonda Biography 1992 46 min. 
James Cagney: Top of the world narrated by Michael J. Fox 1992 47 min. 
Johnny Carson: The King of Late Night 2 Hrs. 
Judy Garland: By Myself 2 hours 
Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend 60 min. 
Marilyn Monroe: Still Life 60 min. 
Stardust: The Bette Davis Story-2005 
Debbie Reynolds hour long TCM Private screenings interview. 
Sidney Lumet hour long TCM Private screenings interview. 
Gary Cooper: The Face of a Hero 60 Min. Biography 
Gregory Peck: His Own Man 60 Min. Biography 
America's Little Darling: Shirley Temple 60 Min. Biography 
Cary Grant: The Leading Man 60 Min. Biography 
Grace Kelly: The American Princess 60 Min. Biography 
Ingrid Bergman: Ingrid 60 Min. Biography 
Steve McQueen: Man on the Edge 60 Min. Biography 
Audrey Hepburn: Remembered 60 Min. Biography 
Mae West ... and the Men Who Knew Her 60 Min. Biography 
American Masters interview with Lillian Gish: The Actors life for me 1988 60 min. 
Irving Thalberg: Prince of Hollywood Documentary 2005 74 min. 
Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star 2002 90 min. 

Inside the Actors Studio : 
Carol Burnett 1996 
Mary Tyler Moore 2002 

Planet Earth: Fresh Water 2006 
Nature: Kalahari The Great Thirstland 

1962 Seattle Worlds Fair International Exposition 60 min. 
Musicals-Great-Musicals: The Arthur Freed unit at MGM 1996 90 min. 

Porgy And Bess 1959 Movie/Musical on DVD, Superb Quality 10.0 on a scale of 1 to 10, 
the best you will find anywhere, taken from the original 35mm studio print & transferred directly to DVD,Uncut. 

The 1974 Tony Awards in Colour 

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 20th Anniversary Special Feb.18, 1991 with complete Cast 

The Dick Cavett show Katharine Hepburn Interviews 

Rediscovering John Gilbert 2009 32 Min. with his Daughter Leatrice Gilbert Fountain 

Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert 1995 

Happy Times & Jolly Moments 1942 WB Mack Sennett Studio clips from the 1910's 

Child Stars: Their Story A & E 2000 90 min. 

Grand Canyon Serenade:Over flight of the Grand canyon set to classical music 60 Min. 

Over Hawaii: Over flight of the Hawaiian Islands 60 Min. 

The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau: 
Sharks Jan.8,1968 
Whales Nov.15,1968 
Sunken Treasure March,3,1969 
Mysteries of the Hidden Reef 1970 
The Sound of Dolphins 
The Flight of Penguins 

The Fugitive: (The Pilot) The Girl from little Egypt 1963 

Gilligan's Island, Episode: Marooned Nov. 1963 (Pilot) 

Rare UPA Classic animated Shorts: 
The Ragtime Bear 1949 
Gerald McBoing Boing 1951 
Rooty Toot Toot 1951 
The Unicorn in the Garden 1953 
Fudget's Budget 1954 
The Tell Tale Heart 1953 

The Dick Cavett Talk Show interview with Katharine Hepburn Oct.,1973 
The Dick Cavett Talk Show interview with Alfred Hitchcock June.8,1972 66 min. 
The Dick Cavett Talk Show interview with Danny Kaye 1971 

Shogun 5 part Mini-Series 1980 Richard Chamberlain 

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: 
The Vanishing Prairie Disney Documentary 1954 
The Disney Story 1954 Walt Disney 
Davey Crockett King of the wild Frontier Fess Parker 1955 
Mars & Beyond Dec.4,1957 
Our Friend the Atom Jan.23, 1957 

Archie & Friends cartoons 1971 5 episodes. 

TV Movies of the Week: 
The First 22 of these have Elizabeth Montgomery in them: 
The Victim 1972 
Belle Starr 1980 
A Killing Affair 1977 
Dark Victory 1976 
Missing Pieces 1983 
Between The Darkness & The Dawn 1985 
When The Circus Came To Town 1981 
A Case of Rape 1974 
Amos 1985 
An Act of Violence 1980 
Face To Face 1990 
Mrs. Sundance 1974 The 88 Minute Version Released in Theaters . 
The Legend of Lizzie Borden 1975 
The Awakening Land NBC miniseries(Feb.19-20-21)1979 
Jennifer: A Woman's Story 1979 
The Rules of Marriage CBS miniseries 1982 
Second Sight: A Love Story 1984 
Sins of the Mother 1991 With Murder in Mind 
1992 Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story 
The Corpse Had a Familiar Face May.3/94 
Edna Buchanan Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan May.9/95 
Don't Go to Sleep 1982 Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper 
The Silent Lovers 1980 
The Scarlett O'Hara War 1980 
Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway 1976 
Coffee Tea or Me 1973 
The Girl Who came Gift-Wrapped 1974 
The Defection of Simas Kudirka 1978 Alan Arkin 
Marty live presentation Philco Playhouse May.24th, 1953 Rod Steiger 
The Phantom of Hollywood 1974 
The House that would not die 1970 
Bermuda Triangle (1975) 
Duel 1971 
Where have all the People Gone? 1974 
Evel Knieval 1971 
Get Christie Love 1974 
Still the Beaver 1983 
The Time Machine 1978 John Beck 
The People that Time Forgot 1979 
Stunts 1977 Robert Forster 
They call it Murder 1971 
Born to be Sold 1981 Lynda Carter 
Snow Beast 1977 
Incident on a Dark Street 1973 
Shell Game 1975 
A Real American Hero 1978 
Cry of the Innocent 1980, Rod Taylor,Joanne Pettit 
A Christmas With Snow 1980 Michael Learned, John Houseman 
Intimate Agony 1983 Mark Harmon 
Anatomy of an illness 1983 Edward Asner 
The Brass Ring 1983 Dina Merrill 
Catholics 1973 Martin Sheen 
Love is Forever 1983 Michael Landon 
The David Cassidy Story 2000 
The Borrowers 1973 Eddie Albert, Tammy Grimes 
Betrayal 1974 Amanda Blake 
The Disappearance of Flight 412 1974 Glen Ford, Bradford Dillman 
The Norliss Tapes (1973) Angie Dickenson 
The Night Stalker (1972) Darren McGavin 
The Night Strangler (1973) Darren McGavin 
The Ballad of Andy Crocker, 1969 Lee Majors, Joey Heatherton 
Congradulations it's a Boy, 1971, Bill Bixby 
The Gun & the Pulpit, 1974, Marjoe Gartner 
Rehearsal for murder, 1982, Robert Preston, Lynn Redgrave 
Hustling, 1975, Lee Remick, Jill Clayburgh 
Cinderella,1965, Lesley Ann Warren 
The Gin Game, 2003, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore 
Anne of Green Gables, 1985, Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst 
Anne of Green Gables the Sequel, 1986, Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst 
Isn't it shocking,1973 
The Gathering,1977,Ed Asner,Maureen Stapleton 
Christmas Eve, 1986, Loretta Young 
Jesus of Nazareth Mini-Series, 1977 
Haunts of the very rich,1972, Lloyd Bridges,Edward Asner, Anne Francis, Cloris Leachman 
Frankenstein the True Story Mini-Series,1973 
Sweet Hostage, 1973,Martin Sheen,Linda Blair 
The Hanged Man,1974,Steve Forrest 
Wake me when the war is over,1969,Ken Berry,Eva Gabor 
All the kind Strangers,1974,Stacy Keach,Samantha Eggar 
Moon of the Wolf,1972,David Janssen,Barbara Rush,Bradford Dillman 
Divorce His,Divorce Hers, 1973,Elizabeth Taylor,Richard Burton 
Maybe I'll come home in the spring,1971,Sally Field,Eleanor Parker,Jackie Cooper,David Carradine
Murder Once Removed,1971,John Forsythe,Barbara Rush 
Go Ask Alice,1973,William Shatner,Andy Griffith,Julie Adams 
Coach of the year,1980,Robert Conrad 
A Tattered Web,1971,Lloyd Bridges 
The Death of Richie,1977,Ben Gazzara,Eileen Brennan,Robby Benson 
Death at Love House,1976 
The Strangers in 7A,1972,Andy Griffith,Ida Lupino 
James Dean,1976,Stephen Mcttattie,Michael,Brandon,Meg Foster 
How Awful about Allan,1970,Anthony Perkins,Julie Harris 
Firehouse,1973,Richard Roundtree,Vince Edwards,Andrew Duggan 
The Voyage of the Yes,1973,Desi Arnaz Jr., Mike Evans 
Love Hate Love,1971,Lesley Ann Warren,Ryan O'Neal 
Ebbie,1995,Susan Lucci 
Crowhaven Farm,1970,Hope Lange 
Katherine 1975 Sissy Spacek, Art Carney 
I will Fight No more Forever 1975,James Whitmore, Sam Elliott, Ned Romero 
The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd 1974, Martin Sheen, Kim Darby 
Kung Fu (The Pilot) 1972, David Carradine 
Genesis II 1973, Alex Cord, Mariette Hartley 
The Questor Tapes 1974, Robert Foxworth, Mike Farrell 
Heidi 1968, Jennifer Edwards, Maximilian Schell, Jean Simmons 
The Boy in the Plastic Bubble 1976, John Travolta, Glynnis O'Connor, Robert Reed 
Bridger 1976, James Wainwright, Ben Murphy 
The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang (TV Movie 1979) 
Petrified Forest (1955) 
SST: Disaster in the Sky (1977) 
The Stranger (1973) 
Legalese James Garner (1998) 
Aladdin Sal Mineo (1957) 
The Elevator (1974) 
A Girl named Sooner 1975 
Thief (1971) 
Hurricane 1974 
Death Race (1973) 
The Astronaut (1972 
The Other Man (1970) Roy Thinnes, Arthur Hill, Joan Hackett 

Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? (1963) Elizabeth Montgomery, Dean Martin 
Johnny Cool 1963 Elizabeth Montgomery, Henry Silva 
The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955) 
Eye Witness,1950,Robert Montgomery with Elizabeth Montgomery Cameo 
Bikini Beach Elizabeth Montgomery voice cameo 1964 "10" 
Bells are Ringing (Elizabeth Montgomery Cameo) 1960 "10" 
You'll Like My Mother 1972 Patty Duke, Richard Thomas 
Youth on Parole (1937) 
When Tomorrow Comes (1939) Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer 
Gypsy Girl (1965) Hayley Mills, Ian McShane 
Woman on the Run (1950) Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe 
It happened one Night Clark Cable (1934) 
The Furies (1950) Barbara Stanwyck 
Third Man on the Mountain James Macarthur 
Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion (1965) 
Around the World Under the Sea Andrew Marton Lloyd Bridges, Brian Kelly (1966) 
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) Robert Butler Kurt Russell, Cesar Romero, Joe Flynn 
The Legend of Tom Dooley (1959) 
Corvette Summer 1978 
The Mongols (1961) 
Big Timber (1950) 
Gidget goes to Rome 1963 
The Incredible Mr.Limpet 1964 Don Knotts 
Charlie the Lonesome Cougar 1967 
Queen Christina 1933 Greta Garbo, John Gilbert 
The Land that time forgot 1975 Doug McClure 
On the Old Spanish Trail 1947 Roy Rogers 
It Happened at the World's fair Elvis Presley 1963 
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer Shirley Temple, Cary Grant 1947 
Captain Sindbad Guy Williams 1963 
Harriet Craig Joan Crawford 1950 
The Invisible Man Claude Rains 1933 
The Bride of Frankenstein 1935 
The Wolf Man Lon Chaney Jr. 1941 
Frankenstein 1931 Boris Karloff 
The Unknown 1927 Lon Chaney Sr., Joan Crawford 
The Band Wagon Fred Astaire 1953 
Dick Tracy Warren Beatty 1990 with 30 min Dick Tracy special on it's production 
Lassie Come Home 1943 
What's the matter with Helen? 1971 
The Night of the Hunter Robert Mitchum 1955 
On the Town 1949 Musical 
The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957 
The Story of Mankind 1956 
The Thief of Bagdad 1940 
On the Old Spanish Trail: Roy Rogers and Trigger 1947 75 min. 
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 1954 
The Patsy 1928 Marion Davies 
Midnight Lace Doris Day 1960 
Abbott & Costello in Hollywood 1945 
Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein 1948 
Jack and the Beanstalk Abbott & Costello 1952 
Abbott & Costello meet the Mummy 1955 with original Trailer 
Attack of the 50 foot Woman 1958 
Hook, Line & Sinker Jerry Lewis 1969 
The House of Wax Vincent Price 1943 
Coney Island Buster Keaton & Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle 1917 
Goodnight Nurse Buster Keaton & Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle 1918 
Back Stage Buster Keaton & Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle 1919 
One Week Buster Keaton 1920 
The Garage Buster Keaton,Fatty Arbuckle 1920 
The Scarecrow Buster Keaton 1920 
Convict 13 Buster Keaton 1920 
Neighbours Buster Keaton 1921 
The Boat Buster Keaton 1921 
The High Sign Buster Keaton 1921 
The Goat Buster Keaton 1921 
The Playhouse Buster Keaton 1921 
The Electric House Buster Keaton 1922 
The Paleface Buster Keaton 1922 
The Blacksmith Buster Keaton 1922 
Cops Buster Keaton 1922 
My Wife's Relations Buster Keaton 1922 
The Love Nest Buster Keaton 1923 
The Ballonatic Buster Keaton 1923 
The Navigator Buster Keaton 1924 
Sherlock Jr. Buster Keaton 1924 
Steamboat Bill Jr. Buster Keaton 1928 
The Immigrant 1917 Charlie Chaplin 
A Dog's Life Charlie Chaplin 1918 
Sunnyside Charlie Chaplin 1919 
The Idle Class Charlie Chaplin 1921 
The Kid Charlie Chaplin Jackie Coogan 1921 
Payday Charlie Chaplin 1922 
The Pilgrim 1923 Charlie Chaplin 
The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin 1925 
City Lights Charlie Chaplin 1931 
Modern Times Charlie Chaplin 1936 
The Great Dictator Charlie Chaplin 1940 
Ask Father Harold Loyd 1919 
Haunted Spooks Harold Loyd 1920 
Number Please? Harold Loyd 1920 
Among those present Harold Loyd 1921 
Never Weaken Harold Loyd 1921 
A Sailor Made Man Harold Loyd 1921 
Safety Last Harold Loyd 1923 
A Dash through the clouds 1912 Mabel Normand 10 min. 
The Water Nymph 1912 Mabel Normand & Mack Sennett 8 min. 
Mack Sennett Shorts: 
The Curtain Pole 1909 10 min. 
Comrades 1911 11 min. 
Manicure Lady 1911 11 min. 
With a Kodak 1911 6 min. 
The Window Bobby Driscoll 1949 
Queen of Outer Space Zsa Zsa Gabor 1958 
Honeymoon Hotel Nancy Kwan 1964 
The Main Attraction Nancy Kwan 1962 
To Have And Have Not Humphrey Bogart 1944 
Oceans Eleven Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin 1960 
The Searchers John Wayne 1956 
The Thief Who came to dinner 1973 
Jason and the Argonauts 1963 
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1963 
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad 1963 
The Reluctant Astronaut 1967 
Mysterious Island 1964 
Journey to the Center of the Earth 1955 
Mighty Joe Young 1949 
Fantastic Voyage 1966 
The Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954 
Beyond the Time Barrier 1960 
Angry Red Planet 1960 
Jesus Christ Superstar 1973 
Grand Hotel 1932 Grerta Garbo, Joan Crawford, John Barrymoore, Linus Barrymoore. 
Laurel and Hardy's Laughing 20's 1965 Documentary 90 min. 
Here comes Mr.Jordan 1941 
Days of Wine & Roses 1962 Lee Remick,Jack Lemmon 
Home from the Hill 1960 George Hamilton,George Peppard,Robert Mitchum 
The Time Machine 1960 
The Ghost and Mr.Chicken 1966 
On Borrowed Time 1939 Lionel Barrymore 
Johnny Cool 1963 Elizabeth Montgomery, Henry Silva 
Caged 1950 Agnes Moorehead,Eleanor Parker 
Bye Bye Birdie 1963 
The Endless Summer 1968 
On Borrowed Time 1939 Lionel Barrymore 
Summertime 1955 Katharine Hepburn, 
It's a Wonderful Life 1946 Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed 
Ensign Pulver 1964 
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon John Wayne 1949 
Charade,1963,Audrey Hepburn,Cary Grant 
Rebecca,1940,Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontain 
Oklahoma, 1955 
A Christmas Carol, 1951, Alastair Sim 
The Elephant Man,1980, Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt 
Gone with the Wind, 1939, Clark Gable 
Streets of Laredo,1949,William Holden,Macdonald Carey 
Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones,1966,Robert Horton,Diane Baker,Sal Mineo 
The Bat,1959,Agnes Moorehead,Vincent Price 
Savage Sam,1966 
The Jungle Princess,1936,Dorothy Lamour,Ray Milland 
Charley's Aunt,1941,Jack Benny,Kay Francis 
Borderline Normal 2000 
Ellery Queen's The Mandarin Mystery 1936 
Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery 1941 
The Magic Sword 1961 

TV Shows: 
Elizabeth Montgomery TV Guest Appearances: 
90 Min. long: 

Elizabeth Montgomery Audio Track from Here Comes Mr. Jordan 1991 80 minute long interview Elizabeth Montgomery did for the second audio track for her father's 1941 movie Here Comes Mr. Jordan. 
In the 80 minute audio only interview she talks about the movie & her views on it but mostly about her & her father, his career, hers, Bewitched & personal views and anecdotes on her life. 

Playhouse 90: "A Bitter Heritage" 8/7/58 90 Min. 
Special "10" Dupont Show of The Month: Episode "Harvey" Sept.22, 1958 90 Min. with original commercials "10" 

The Mike Douglas Show - 90 mins. (November 4, 1966 - with time code) "10" Elizabeth Montgomery Guest & Present for all 90 min. 

An hour long each 
All with Elizabeth Montgomery: 

Wagon Train Episode "The Vittorio Botticelli Story" (1959) "10" 
1964 ABC Fall Preview Special with a 3 1/2 minute long ABC Bewitched promo with footage shot for but not included in the Pilot with Liz. 
1965 ABC Fall Preview Special with Elizabeth Montgomery & Dick York as Samantha & Darrin as the Co-Hosts of the Special with additional ABC Bewitched Promos for Season 2 in them. 
Studio One: Summer Pavilion 1955 "10" 
Studio One: The Drop Of a Hat 1956 "10" 
Studio One: A Dead Ringer 1958 "10" 
Robert Montgomery Presents: "Home Town" 1954 1 hr 8.5 
Robert Montgomery Presents:"Our Hearts were Young & Gay,1954 "10" 
Riverboat: "The Barrier" 1959 1hr 10 
Saints & Sinners: "The Home-coming Bit" 1963 1hr "10" 
The Untouchables: The Rusty Heller Story 1961 "10" 
Kraft Television Theater :The Long Arm 1956 "10" 
Kraft Television Theater : The Last Showdown 1956 "10" 
Kraft Television Theater : Patterns 1955 "10" 
Rawhide: Incident at El Crucero 1963 "10" 
Thriller: Masquerade 1961 "10" 
Burkes Law: Who Killed his Royal Highness 1963 "10" 
Burkes Law: Who Killed Mr.X? 1964 "10" 
Alcoa Premiere : Mr.Lucifer 1962 "10" 
Checkmate: The Star System, 1962 "10" 
Cimarron City: Hired Hand 1958 "10" 
The Frontier Circus: Karina, 1962 "10" 
The Hollywood Palace in Color. 1966 "10" 
Warner brothers Presents: Siege 1956 "10" 
77 Sunset Strip: White Lie 1963 "10" 

All with Elizabeth Montgomery: 
Half an hour each: 

The Third Man: Episode Man Takes a Trip April.15,1959 "10"
Chevrolet Soapbox Derby Film "Moving on up to Derby Downs" March,1966,Elizabeth Montgomery was a Grand Marshal along with Agnes Moorehead and Dick York "10" 
Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Dedication Ceremony Jan.4th,2005 "10" 
The Flintstone's: Samantha 1966 "10" 
The Twilight Zone: Two 1961 "10" 
Batman The Animated Series: Showdown 1994 "10" 
Jan & Dean Pilot 1966 Elizabeth Montgomery Cameo "10" 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Man with Problem" 1956 "10" 
Liz & Bob Foxworth interview with John Tesh on ET''s One to One in May 1992 "10" 
Armstrong Circle Theater: The Millstone 1954 1/2 hr 8.5 
Johnny Staccato: "Tempted" 1959 1/2 hr 10 
One Step Beyond: "The Death Waltz" 1960 1/2 hr "10" 

All with Elizabeth Montgomery: 
23 Password & Password Plus & 9 Hollywood Squares Episodes All "10" 

4 with Jim Backus 1966 Password 
4 with Martin Landau 1967 Password 
5 with Burt Convey 1979 Password Plus 
5 with Wesley Eure 1979 Password Plus 
5 with Bob Foxworth 1979 Password Plus 
9 Hollywood Squares Episodes from early 1976 & 1975 

132 Bewitched episodes Starring Elizabeth Montgomery original studio 16mm prints on DVD as originally seen. 

The High Chaparral: 
Destination Tucson (Pilot) 
The Decievers 
A Joyful Noise 
Gold is where you find it 
The Little Indians 
Follow your heart 
A Fellow named Kilroy 
Once on a day in Spring 
Stinky Flanagan 
Glory Soldiers 
Feathers of an Eagle 
A Time to laugh a time to cry 
The Brothers Cammon 
The Arrangement 
Best Man for the Job 
Buffalo Soldiers 
Threshhold of courage 
No Irish need apply 
The last hundred miles 
Tiger by the tail 
Promised Land 
Shadows on the land 
The Filibusteros 
Sea of enemies 
Shadow of the wind 
For what we are about to receive 
Lady of Guadalupe 
Bad day for a thirst 
The Convey 
Champion of the Western World 
Tornado Frances 
Doctor from Dodge 
Price of Revenge 
Widow from Red Rock 
The Terrorist 
The Firing Wall 
For the love of Carlos 
Time of your life 
No Bugles no drama 
Lion Sleeps 
A Matter of Survival 
The Lieutenant 
New Hostess in Town 
Too Many Chiefs 
The Badge 
Auld Lang Syne 
A Man to match the land 
Pale Warrior 
A Good Sound Profit 
Too Late the Epitaph 
It Takes a Smart Man 
The Hair Hunter 
The Forge of Hate 
The Covey 
The Reluctant Deputy 

Route 66 : 60 min. 
Black November Oct.7,1960 
A Lance of Straw Oct.14,1960 
The Swan Bed Oct.21,1960 
The Man on the Monkey Board Oct.28,1960 
Mon Petit Chou 11-24-61 Lee Marvin 
Long Piece of Mischief 1-19-62 Albert Salmi, Audrey Totter 
Blue Murder 9-29-61 
Strengthening Angels 11-4-60 
Ten Drops of Water Nov. 11, 1960 
Three Sides Nov. 18, 1960 
Legacy for Lucia Nov. 25, 1960 
Layout at Glen Canyon Nov. 2, 1960 
The Beryllium Eater Dec. 9, 1960 
A Fury Slinging Flame Dec. 30, 1960 
Sheba Jan. 6, 1961 
The Quick and the Dead Jan.13,1961 
Play it Glissando Jan.20,1961 
The Clover Throne Jan.27,1961 

Have Gun Will Travel 30 Min. 
Odds for Big Red 
Uneasy Grave 
Soledad Crossing 
The Vigil 
Education of Sarah Jane 
Brothers Keeper 
The Road 
Solid Gold Patrol 
Something to live for 
The wager 
A Sense of Justice 
The Hanging of Roy Carter 
Duel at Florence 
Silver Convoy 
The Statue of San Sebastian 
In an Evil Time 
The Man who Wouldn't Talk 
Young gun 
The Lady 
A Snare for Murder 
The Ballad of Oscar Wilde 
The Manhunter 

Adam 12: 
Log#1: The Impossible Mission 1968 Pilot Episode. 
Log#141: The Color Bandit 1968 

The Doris Day Show Episodes: 
A Two Family Christmas 1969 
Doris Finds an Apartment 1970 
It's Christmas time in the city 1970 

The Donna Reed Show: 
A Very Merry Christmas 1958 

My Three Sons: 
Marriage & Staff 1965 
From Maggie with Love 1966 
What about Henry? 1966 
Steve and the Huntress 1966 
Mexican Honeymoon 1969 
Table for eight 1970 
Who is Sylvia? 1970 

Quincy M.E.:Crib Job 1978 

Carol Burnett and Friends 1977 

Adventures of Superman: 
The Stolen Elephant 1957 
The Mysterious Cube 1958 
The Phony Alibi 1957 
The Prince Albert Coat 1957 
Whatever goes up 1957 

Laramie: 60 min. 
Season 2: 
Queen Of Diamonds 
Track of the Jackal 
Three Roads West 
Ride the Wild Wind 
Ride Into Darkness 
The Long Riders 
The Dark Trail 
.45 Calibre 
License to Kill 
Drifter's Gold 
No Second Chance 
Duel at Parkinson Town 
A Sound of Bells 
The Passing of Kuba Smith 
The Man From Kansas 
Killer Without Cause 
Stolen Tribute 
The Lost Dutchman 
Cactus Lady 
Riders of the Night 
Mark of the Manhunters 
Run of the Hunted 
Two for the Gallows 
The Debt 
Killer's Odds 
Bitter Glory 
The Tumbleweed Wagon 
Trigger Point 
Badge of the Outsider 
Men in Shadows 
Strange Company 
Widow in White 

Laramie Season 3: 
.45 Caliber 
Killers Odd's 
Deadly is the Night 
No Place to Run 
Rope of Steel 
Dragon at the Door 
Ladies Day 
Siege at Jubilee 
The Mountain Men 
The Fatal Step 
The Last Journey 
Deadly is the Night 
The Accusers 
Wolf Cub 
Handful of Fire 
The Killer Legend 
The Jailbreakers 
The Lawless Seven 
The Perfect Gift 
The Barefoot Kid 
Shadows in the Dust 
The Runaway 
The Confederate Express 
The High Country 
A Grave for Cully Brown 
The Runt 
The Dynamiters 
The Day of the Savage 
Justice in a Hurry 
The Replacement 
The Turn of the Wheel 
Trial by Fire 
Fall into Darkness 

Wanted Dead or Alive: 
All 94 episodes, Steve McQueen 

Alias Smith and Jones: 
All 50 episodes plus the 90 min. Pilot TV Movie 

All 44 episodes, Darrin McGavin, Burt Reynolds 

The Tall Man: 
Garrett and the Kid 1960-09-10 
Forty-Dollar Boots 1960-09-17 
Bad Company 1960-09-24 
The Shawl 1960-10-01 
The Lonely Star 1960-10-08 
A Bounty for Billy 1960-10-15 
The Parson 1960-10-29 
Night Train to Tularosa 1960-11-15 
Larceny and Young Ladies 1960-11-19 
Counterfeit Law 1960-11-26 
And the Beast 1960-11-26 
Bitter Ashes 1960-12-03 
McBean Rides Again 1960-12-10 
Tiger Eye 1960-12-17 
Billy's Baby 1960-12-24 
One of One Thousand 1960-12-31 
First Blood 1961-01-07 
A Gun Is for Killing 1961-01-14 
The Grudge Fight 1961-01-21 
The Best Policy 1961-01-28 
The Reversed Blade 1961-02-04 
Dark Moment 1961-02-11 
The Reluctant Bridegroom 1961-02-18 
Maria's Little Lamb 1961-02-25 
Big Sam's Boy 1961-03-04 
The Last Resource 1961-03-11 
Rovin' Gambler 1961-03-18 
Hard Justice 1961-03-25 
The Legend and the Gun 1961-04-01 
A Kind of Courage 1961-04-08 
Millionaire McBean 1961-04-15 
A Scheme of Hearts 1961-04-22 
The Cloudbusters 1961-04-29 
Ransom of a Town 1961-05-06 
Ladies of the Town 1961-05-20 
Death or Taxes 1961-05-27 
The Great Western 1961-06-03 
Full Payment 1961-09-09 
The Liberty Belle 1961-09-16 
Where Is Sylvia? 1961-09-23 
The Female Artillery 1961-09-30 
Shadow of the Past 1961-10-07 
An Item for Auction 1961-10-14 
The Judas Palm 1961-10-21 
The Woman 1961-10-28 
Trial by Hanging 1961-11-04 
The Leopard's Spots 1961-11-11 
Petticoat Crusade 1961-11-18 
Time of Foreshadowing 1961-11-25 
Fool's Play 1961-12-02 
Legend of Billy 1961-12-09 
A tombstone for Billy 1961-12-16 
Sidwkick 1961-12-23 
Apache Daughter 1961-12-30 
Substitute Sheriff 1962-01-06 
The Girl From Paradise 1962-01-13 
St. Louis Woman 1962-01-20 
The Hunt 1962-01-27 
The Impatient Bride 1962-02-03 
Rio Doloroso 1962-02-13 
An Hour To die 1962-02-17 
Property of the Crown 1962-02-24 
Night of the Hawk 1962-03-03 
Three For All 1962-03-10 
Quarantine 1962-03-17 
The Four Queens 1962-03-24 
The Long Way Home 1962-03-31 
A Time To RUn 1962-04-07 
Trial by Fury 1962-04-14 
The Frame 1962-04-21 
The Runaway Groom 1962-04-28 
The Black Robe 1962-05-05 
The Woman In Black 1962-05-12 
Doctor on Horseback 1962-05-19 

Cheyenne ep. 60 min. 
Young Fugitive 
Day's Pay 
Massacre at Gunsight Pass 
The Greater Glory 
Pocket full of Stars 
The Beholden 
Cross Purpose 
Winchester Quarentine 
Frightened Town 
Lone Patrol 
Trouble Street. Oct. 2, 1961 
Showdown at Oxbend 
Mountain Fortress 
The Argonauts 
The Vanishing Breed 
Vengeance is Mine 
Border Showdown 
The Outlander 
The Travelers 
West of the River 
Rendezvos at Red Rock 
The Storm Riders 
Johnny Brassbuttons 
Wanted for Murder of Cheyenne Bodie 
Fury at Rio Hondo 

Lawman: 30 min. 
The Post 
Samson the Great 
Mark of Cain 
The Catcher . James Colburn 
Mad Bunch 
Old War Horse 
Return of Owny O'Reilly 
The Second Son 
Man on a Mountain 
The Wolfer 
The Hard Case 
The Ugly Man 
The Kids 
Thirty Minutes 
To Capture the West 
Lady Belle 
Surface of Truth 
The Payment 
Reunion in Laramie 
Left Hand of the Law 
Belding's Girl 
The Salvation of Owny O'Reilly 
Girl from Grantsville 
The Souvenir 
The Friend 

Checkmate: 60 min. 
Don't Believe a Word She Says 1-28-61 
Thrillseeker 5-27-61 
The Star System 1-10-62 
The Human Touch 
A funny thing happened on the way to the game 
Side by Side 
An Assassin Arrives Andante 
Hot Wind on a Cold Town 
Voyage into fear 
Tight as a Drum 
Paper Killer 
Jungle Castle 
Heat of Passion 
Target Tycoon 
A Mask of Vengeance 
The Two of Us 
Dark Divide 
Deadly Shadow 
Phantom Lover 
A Chant of Silence 
The Princess in the Tower 
The Deadly Silence 
State of Shock 
Goodbye Griff 
A Very Rough Sketch 
Death Beyond Recall 
State of Shock (Nina Foch) 
Face in a Window (Joseph Cotten) 
Through a Dark Glass (Claire Bloom) 
Waiting for Jocko (Jeffrey Hunter) 
The Cyanide Touch (Dean Stockwell) 
The Yacht Club Gang (Patricia Neal) 
So Beats My Plastic Heart (Susan Oliver) 
Referendum on Murder (Bethel Leslie) 
Between Two Guns (Jack Warden) 
Matter of Conscience (Gary Merrill) 
A Slight Touch of Venom (Keenan Wynn) 
Death by Design (Eve Arden). 

Gunsmoke: Marshall Matt Dillon B/W 30 Min: 
Cow Doctor 
Gun for Chester 
Brush at Elkader 
The Pest Hole 
Unknown Grave 
Hack Prine 
Chester's Mail Order Bride 
Reed Survives 

Laredo 60 Min.: 
Miracle at Massacre Mission 
It's the end of the road Stanley 
Anybody Here Seen Billy? 
Rendezvous at Arillo 
Meanwhile Back at the Reservation 
Limit of the Law Larkin 
The Treasure of San Diablo 
No Bugles, One Drum 
Three's Company 
Lazyfoot, Where Are You? 
I See by Your Outfit 
A Matter of Policy 
That's Noway, Thataway 
The Golden Trail 
A Question of Discipline 

Suspense: 30 min. 
One Step Down 

The Jack Benny Program 30 min.: 
Best of the Jack Benny Program: How Jack Found Mary 1954 
Best of the Jack Benny Program: Jack is the Violin Teacher 1962 
Ginger Rogers 1957 
Rita Moreno 1963 
Frankie Avalone 1963 
Connie Francis 1963 
George Burns 1964 
Andy Williams 1964 
Lucille Ball 1964 
Nat King Cole 1964 
The Kingston Trio 1965 

Batman 30 min.: 
The Spell of Tut 1966 
Tut's Case is shut 1966 
The Greatest Mother of them all 1966 
Ma Parker 1966 
The Clock King's crazy crimes 1966 
The Clock King gets crowned 1966 
An Egg Grows in Gotham 1966 
The Yegg Foes in Gotham 1966 

Family Affair 30 min.: 
The Fish Watchers 1968 

The Guns of Will Sonnet 60 min. 
Sins of the Father 
End of the Rope 

Thriller 60 Min.: 
The Last of the Summervilles 
The Closed Cabinet 
A Third for Pinochle 
Letter to a Lover 

The Time Tunnel 
All 30 episodes from the one season 1966 Perfect 10 Quality & Uncut 

The Rez: Canadian TV Show all 19 episodes 1996 

"Kolchak: The Night Stalker" (1974-1975) TV Series Darren McGavin 8 Episodes: 
The Ripper 
The Zombie 
They have been, They are, They will be... 
The Vampire 
The Werewolf 
The Devil's Platform 
Bad Medicine 

Caitlins Way:Canadian TV Show 52 episodes 2000, Lindsay Felton 

Centennial Mini-series 1978 Richard Chamberlain & Robert Conrad 

Playhouse 90: 
"So Soon to Die" 
Bitter Heritage Aug.7,1958 Liz Montgomery 
Comedian 2-14-57 Mickey Rooney, Edmond O'Brien, Mel Torme 
Dungeon 4-10-58 Dennis Weaver, Agnes Moorehead, Julie Adams 
Hostess with the Mostess 3-21-57 Shirley Booth 
Killers of Mussolini 6-4-59 
Plot to Kill Stalin 1958 w/o/c 
Homeward Borne 5-9-57 Richard Kiley 
Velvet Alley 1-22-59 Jack Klugman, Art Carney 
Requiem of a Heavyweight 
Without incident (1957) 
Massacre at Sand Creek, John Derek 1958 

Studio One: 
Summer Pavilion 1955 
Twelve Angry Men 1954 
The Storm 1953 
Black Rain 1-5-53 
Collector's Item 1-1-51 Walter Slezak 
Hangman's House 3-19-51 Jessica Tandy 
Kill 9-22-52 Nina Foch, Grace Kelly 
Man Who Had Influence 5-29-50 
Laughmaker 5-18-53 Jackie Gleason, Art Carney 
Mark of Cain 2-2-53 
Mrs. Hargreaves 3-4-52 Tony Randall 
Night America Trembled 9-9-57 Warren Beatty, James Coburn, Ed Asner 
A Drop of a Hat 5/7/56 Nina Foch 
Stan the Killer Eli Wallach 

Fawlty Towers 30 min. 
Communications Problems 
The Anniversary 
Basil the Rat 
The Germans 
Gourmet Night 
Waldorf Salad 
The Kipper and the Corpse 
The Psychiatrist 

Run for your life 
Episode:Tell it like it is Nov.13th,1967 

Lost in Space 60 Min. 
Hunter's Moon 
The Space Primevals 

Ben Casey Episodes: 
Memory of Candy Stripes Jan.8th,1962 
#131 Run for Your Lives, Dr. Galanos Practices Here! 
#135 Then I, and You, and All of Us Fell Down 
#150 Where Did All the Roses Go? 
#151 Twenty Six Ways to Spell Heartbreak: A, B, C, D... 

ABC, NBC & CBS Promos from the 1960's, 1970's 

I Love Lucy : 30 min. 
The Very First Episode, March.2,1951 (Pilot) 

I Love Lucy Christmas Special 60 min. 

Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie 1993 with Promo appearances by Lucie Arnaz 
on NBC Today, Regis & Kathy Lee & ET 1993 

A String of Blue Beads Dec., 1953 30 min. 

Date with the Angels : 30 min. 
Santa's Helper Dec.13th, 1957 

Ozzie & Harriet: 30 min. 
1952 Christmas Show 

Wagon Train: Ep 60 min. 
The Vittorio Botticelli Story 
The Annie Griffith Story 
The Jasper Cato Story 
The Last Man 
The Old Man Charvanaugh Story 
The Millie Davis Story 
Sarah Drummond Story 
Sacramento Story 
Benjamin Burns Story 
Gabe Carswell Story 
Jennifer Churchill Story 
Cassie Tanner Story 
Larry Hanify Story 
Alexander Portlas Story 
The Odyssey of Flint McCullough 
Earl Packer Story 
The Traitor 
The Molly Kincaid Story 
The Widow O'Rourke Story. 
The Ruth Marshall Story 
The Sister Rita Story 
The Colonal Harris Story. 
The Cole Crawford story 
The Bettina May Story 
The David Garner Story 
The Martin Gatsby Story 
Heather and Hamish 
The Emmett Lawton Story 
The Lonnie Fallon Story 
The Mavis Grant Story 
The Daniel Clay Story 

Bat Masterson: 
Death by the half dozen 

The Virginian 60 min. 
ep:Old Cowboy 

The Name of the Game: 90 Min. 
Cynthia is alive & living in Avalon 
Swingers Only 
Blind Man's Bluff 

Kraft Television Theater : 
The Long Arm 1956 "10" 
The Last Showdown 195The Gun 
Jungle of Fear6 "10" 
Patterns 1955 "10" 

Burkes Law: 
Who Killed his Royal Highness? 
Who Killed Mr.X? 
Purity Mather 
Eleanor Davis 
Cassandra Cass 
The Toy Soldier 
Billy Joe 
Marty Kelso 

Felony Squad: 60 min. 
Let Him Die 
The Counterfeit Cop 
The Nowhere Man (2 parter) 

Judd for the Defense 60 min. 
A Civil Case of Murder 
Shadow of a Killer 
Borderline Girl 
Punishment, Cruel and Unusual 
My Client the Fool 
The Gates of Cerberus 
Square House 

Cade's County: 60 min. 
Criss Cross 
The Deadly Landscape 
Violent Echo 
Ragged Edge 

The Hollywood Palace in Color. 1966 "10" 
With Elizabeth Montgomery Hosting with Paul Lynde as a guest star. 

The Flintstones: 30 min. 
Samantha 1966 "10" 
No Biz like Show Biz 
The house that Fred Built 
Disorder in the Court 
The Return of Stoney Curtis 
Circus Business 

The Twilight Zone: 30 min. 
Two 1961 "10" 
The Silence 

Red Skelton Show: 60 min. 
Christmas show 60 min. w/Vincent Price 

Adventures in Paradise: 60 min. 
Color of Venom 2-8-60 Vincent Price 60 min. 

Bronco: 60 min. 
Yankee Tornado . March 13,1961 60 min. 
Payroll of the Dead 60 min. 
One Evening in Abilene March 19, 1962 60 min. 
Cousin from Atlanta 
Frightened Ones 
Truely Yours 

Destry : 60 min. 
Destry Had a Little Lamb 2-23-64 Lee Van Cleef min. 60 min. 
Jim Brady's Kid 

Stage Coach West: 60 min. 
Come Home Again James Colburn 
Never Walk Alone 4-18-61 Lee Van Cleef 60 min. 
Coming Home again 60 min. 

Maverick: 60 min. 
Red Dog 60 min. 
Bullit for the Teacher 

Man with a Camera : 30 min. 
All 29 episodes of this series, superb quality from original studio 35mm prints. 

Dakotas: 60 min. 
Thunder in Pleasant Valley 2-4-63 60 min. 
Trouble at French Creek 

Detectives: 30 min. 
Point of No Return 1-12-62 
The Frightened Ones 30 min. 

Alcoa Premier: 60 min. 
Mr. Lucifer 11-1-62 
30 Pieces of Silver 1-26-59 

The FBI Ep. 60 min. 
Animal 60 min. 

Stage 7: 30 min. 

Time of Day 5-29-55 30 min. 
Debt of Honor 

Crusader: ep. 30 min. 
Freezeout 2-17-56 30 min 

New Breed: 60 min. 
Valley of the Three Charlies: 12-5-61 60 min. 
Lady Killer 

Warner Brothers Presents: 60 min. 
Explosion 3-27-56 60 min 
Siege 1956 60 min 

Cain's Hundred: ep. 60 min. 
Dead Load 11-21-61 60 min. 

Gunsmoke ep. 30 min. 
Old Flame 30 min. 

The Rifleman 30 min. 
Young Englishmen 
"Death Never Rides Alone"30 min. 
"The Clarence Bibs Story" 30 min. 

Trackdown ep. 30 min. 
The Town. 30 min. 
The Unwanted. 30 min. 

Navy Log ep. 30 min. 
PT 109 30 Min. 

Panic 30 min. 
May Day 6-11-57/Richard Jaeckel 30 min. 

The Dick Powell Show : 60 min. 
Colossus 60 min. 
Tomorrow The Man 
Savage Sunday 

Law of the Plainsmen ep. 30 min. 
Clear Title 30 min. 

State Trooper ep. 30 min. 
710 Hysteria Street 30 min. 

Crossroads ep. 30 min. 
Sky Pilot of the Cumberlands 30 min. 

Wire Service ep. 60 min. 
Night of August 7th 60 min. 

Schlitz Playhouse of the stars ep. 30 min. 
Blackmate 30 min. 

Four-star Playhouse ep. 30 min. 
Trail's End 30 min. 
The Gift Dec.24th,1953 
Wild Bunch 2-17-55 Natalie Wood 
Award 6-30-55 Ida Lupino, Franchot Tone 
No Identity woc David Niven 

Waterfront" : 30 min. 
"The Skippers' Day 
(as Charles Buchinski) in ep. "Trestle Point" 

King of Diamonds: 30 min. 
Backlash 30 min. 
Commando Tactics 
Wizard of Ice 

Bonanza: ep 60 min. 
The Long Night 
A Rose for Lotta 
The Sun Mountain Herd 
The Newcomers 
The Palute War 

Sugarfoot: 60 min. 
Blackwater Swamp 60 min. 
Man Wanted 

Perry Mason: 60 min. 
The Case of the Envious Editor 60 min. 
Pint Sized Client 
Decadent Dean 
The Case of the Blushing Pearls" 24 October 1959 60 min. 

Deputy:ep. 30 min. 
Truly Yours 30 min. 

Stony Burke: Ep 60 min. 
The Test 60 min. 

Zane grey Theater: 30 min. 
Desert Flight 30 min. 
"Medal for Valor" 
Hanging Fever 
Make it Look Good 
Pressure Point 

Naked City : 60 min. 
"Dust Devil on a Quiet Street" 
Bringing Far Places Together 
Shield 2-3-59 
A Run for the Money 
A Death of Princes 

Defenders: Ep 60 min. 
The Man Who Saved his Country 60 min. 
Judgment Eve 
Grandma TNT 

Outlaws:ep 60 min. 
Culley 60 min. 
No Luck on Friday 11-30-61 

Peter Gunn: ep. 30 min. 
The Murder Clause 30 min. 

Wanted Dead or Alive:ep. 30 min. 
Trial 30 min. 

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 30 min. 
Disappearing Trick 4-6-58 30 min. 
Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge 30 min. 
Man With a Problem 11-16-58 
Dusty Drawer 
Doubtful Doctor 
Coming, Mama (1961) TV Episode .... Lucy Baldwin 
Hitch hike 2-21-60 30 Min. 

Millionaire: 30 min. 
Timothy Mckail 30 min. 
Margaret Browning Story 
Joey Diamond 10-31-56 
Ken Leighton 
Virginia Lennart 
Rev Hardin 
Amy Moore 
Jerry Bell 
Rod Matthews 
Lee Randolph 
Julie Sherman 

Richard Diamond: Ep 30 min. 
Coat of Arms 30 min. 

Temple Houston: 60 min. 
Man from Galveston 60 Min. 

Elfago Baca: 60 min. 
Move Along Mustangers, 1959 60 min. 

Klondike episodes 30 min each. : 
Bare Knuckles 12-12-60 30 min. 
River of Gold 
Saints & Stickups 
Man Who Own Skagway 1-30-61 w/o/c 
Queen of the Klondike w/o/c 1-23-61 
Sitka Madonna 2-6-61 Ron Hayes 
Sure Thing, Men 11-28-60 w/o/c 
Swing Your Partner 1-9-61 
Swoger's Mules 11-23-1 
Sure fire man 

Robert Montgomery Presents episode: 60 min. 
When our Hearts were Young & Gay 1954 60 Min. 
Home Town 8-2-54 Elizabeth Montgomery, Cliff Robertson 60 Min. 

One Step Beyond episodes: 30 min. 
All 97 episodes of One Step Beyond. 

Saints and Sinners: 60 min. 
Homecoming Bit 1-7-63 
The Year Joan Crawford Won the Oscar 

77 Sunset Strip: 60 min. 
White Lie 10-25-63 
Bonus Baby 

"The Ford Television Theatre" 
Too Old For Dolls 2-24-55 Natalie Wood, Laraine Day 
Measure of the Faith 30 min. 

Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre: 60 min. 
Loving Cup 
Corridor 400 60 Min. 

What's my line? game show 30 min. 
Kathryn Grayson 
Natalie Wood (1966) #39 
Vincent Price (1956) #139 woc 30 min. 
Elli Wallach (1965) 

The Public Defender" 
Episode:Return of the Dead 1955 

The Untouchables: 60 min. 
The Rusty Heller Story 60 min 
The Jamaica Ginger Story .16 February 2nd, 1961 
A Fist of Five Ep. Dec. 4th, 1962 
The Nick Acropolis Story June 1st. 1961 
Giant Killer 
Frank Nitti Story 
Underground Railway 

Dr. Kildare : 30 min. 
Pack rat & the prima donna 30 min. 
One for the Road 30 min. 
Sound of a Faraway hill 30 min. 
Time Buyers 30 min. 
Shining Image 10-12-61 60 Min. 
Goodbye Mr. Jersey 2-20-64 60 Min. 
Soul Killer 11-22-62 60 Min. 

Hong Kong Ep. 
Double Jeopardy 

Malibu Run ep. 60 min. 
Double Adventure 

Thriller 60 min: 
Remarkable Mrs. Hawk 12-18-61 
Masquerade 1960 
The last of the Sommervilles 1961 

Target-The Corrupters: 60 min. 
Ep. Viva Vegas 2-9-62 60 Min. 

Kojak 60 min. 
Question of Answers 2 parter 

Young Lawyers 60 Min. 
Legal Maneuver 

Hotel: 60 min. 
And Baby makes two 

Hardy Boys: 60 min. 
Sole Survivor 
Oh Say can you 

The Streets of San Francisco: 60 min. 
Before i Die 

Longstreet: 60 min. 
Field of Honor 
Through Shattering Glass 

Police Woman: 60 min. 
The Lifeline Agency 
Death Game 

St. Elsewhere: 60 min. 
The Heals Parts One & Two 

Lux Playhouse 60 min 
A Game of Hate 1958 

Murder she Wrote 60 min 
Town Father 1989 

General Electric Theatre 30 min 
Shadow on the Heart 1955 

The Bob Hope Show 60 min 
May.1st, 1956 

The Perry Como Show 60 min 
Oct.6, 1956 

I've Got a Secret 30 min. 
Vincent Price 1958 

"Goodyear Theater" 30 min. 
Episode:The Ticket (1960) .... Martin Galt 

"Tales of Tomorrow" 30 min. 
Episode:The Diamond Lens (1952) 

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